31 July 2009

like a recurring dream

she's usually a bit thicker and darker...but not always

gif game retarded


purple haze

yea...who hasn't blogged sneakers and Wu. bite me.

30 July 2009

jedi mind trick


don't snatch my sz. 10 vans over at HUF

i want to be a legendary blogger

i think this is how i do it.

we guarantee a pretty face every three posts

...or your money back*

far more than just a pretty face however.

Rosario: Oh heeeyyy...did you guys just fall in love with me?
Dr.Dog & the boys: (in unison) Yes, Ms. Dawson.
(my screenwriting prowess is how i'm going to get close).

*sike! fine print is a bitch huh, plus this is a free service assholes.

when i grow up

i want to be debonair, Italian and own a wooden speedboat.
(ashame that's probably not a spliff.)

so illy. so icey.
snatched from OG Sart Dawg.

still aint eating no damn veggie dog


PETA gottem on the ho-stroll for the animals, more here

Twitt-ey Starks, Twitface Killah, Ghost Tweini

i dont have Twitter, i don't like Twitter, i dont need Twitter and im not endorsing it really. Ghostface on the other hand...well, he's just entertaining in any medium.


and for good measure...
Raekwon, the Chef is mad upbeat. i dig it.
The Alchemist hilarious (lol, see), and rocking the crazy Action Hank beard.
Nas, cuz i will never not ride for dude

you can probably find the rest of the rapworld on your own...this is also a great way to get some nice freebies direct from your favorite rappers.

i just like looking at her

she looks smart. i don't know who she is tho.


i'm probably on some bandwagon, being the incorrigible, blatant hipster i am but...

now to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

29 July 2009


shouts to lil sis for bringin the funk.

el todo poderoso.

two scoops!

she kicked ass too.

28 July 2009

another power couple

saturday serendipity

i came across this ESPO mural online like a week ago.

saturday im headed west to chill with the homey,
turns out this mural is in west philly like a half a block from the 52nd st. el stop!
(you can see the platform in the right side of the pic).
and i was positioned like perfectly to see it from the train.

much respect to bigtime Steve Powers for puttin in work to beautify my hometown.

she still rides for Kurt too..

well at least she was never the same after him
i dunno, shit like that is what i find romantic...

coattail riding

just like my little brother used to do.

i just wanted to be like the big boys over at h(y)r
cept they like...get paid for this blogging thang.

someone tell nicole i want to holler

seriously baby! i'm a good dude!

(nicole of nina sky)

27 July 2009

new toy

the hawk comes out in the summer too.


well shit...i dont have a content warning for nothin.

shout outs to all the girls with guns

24 July 2009

23 July 2009

Mr. Teflon

"they say ya swagga's on Viagra...keep it up sonnn"
(well til yall meet the Phils in the NLCS)

22 July 2009

21 July 2009

MAN. CITY!!!!!!!



Los El Animale!

plus Robinho, Bellamy, Bojinov in attack, Wright-Phillips and Ireland
in midfield Shay Given between the pipes, i dont know how
all those strikers are going to work out (Jo is on loan to Everton too),
but i cant wait to cheer for these guys, especially Tevez.
so glad he gave the finger to those cunts across town.

19 July 2009

chinese futurism???

apparently given to my pops to help him learn chinese. a little less than 2" x 3", 1/4" thick.
this little fucker has a usb port, a speaker, a mic, a card reader and 1 GB memory. i guess by comparison its nothing amazing, but i dont really give a shit about technology so its still pretty cool to me. plus it has Tetris too.

and one of the worst kung fu movies i've ever seen.

(and that dude in the shades has on a DASHIKI!!!)

China, we are forever in your debt.

18 July 2009

Mao Tse Tick Tock BIATCH

chinese souvenirs from my dad.

stuntin is a habit.


composition. style. presentation.

simple and good.

i wanna rap too.

"weh daaamn"

"siiiiike...the pack in an' i'm workin"

shouts to Gucci and Jeezy for being far smarter than people give them credit for. and for being entertaining. plus, my raps would be about grocery shopping and how i always pay my rent late.

stare at (Gucci and) the hotties or read more on MissInfo

16 July 2009

Uganda Skateboard Union

thanks Board Master!

via And Melbourne and Uganda Skateboard Union

blogging stuff from ffffound

...is sort of like cheating?
but these Russian tarot cards are a week's worth of fantasies.

hmmm...that's my sign

found somewhere...on ffffound